A Little About Gel Nails

How are my lovelies tonight. I know I am very late on posting something interesting but I was away for almost 2 weeks camping with about 10.000 other crazy people at a medieval even called Pennsic. This was the first time going back to Pennsic is about 3 years. So I had to start thinking about what to wear on my nail. I didn’t want to bring a bunch of polish for the trip so I decided on a gel manicure.

I have been very standoffish about getting a gel manicure. Between having my cuticles cut and my nails filed I just didn’t like this as a healthy option for my nails. Well beck in December I go a uv light to do my own gel nails. I did one and it did not come out the way I wanted it to and I sanded m nails and it took forever to get them back in shape. So I felt like I was kind of done with the process.

Flash forward a few months and I have found better way to do it all. First the sanding, what sanding? I use a product by OPI called Bondaid. It allows the polish to adhere to the nail without having to sand down the nail and in turn damaging it.


Here is how the mani turned out. Don’t mind the broken nail it was the one causality from Pennsic. This is OPI gelcolor Suzi Says Feng Shui.

Suzi Says


Here is how the mani turned out. Don’t mind the broken nail it was the one causality from Pennsic. This is OPI gelcolor Suzi Says Feng Shui. I had a much better experience with this mani then the first one. First off I used Gelish top and bottom coats and then the OPI for the color coat. With this particular color I only needed one coat to get opacity.

Things I like about it:

Drys pretty quick

Starting to have better colors available

long wearing

Things I don’t like:

I can’t change colors as much as I like to.


Over all I am pretty happy with it. I am interested to see have far this will last.



July Square Hue

I know that is it more then half way through the month, but I did want to take the time to show you the polishes that came in this month’s Square Hue box. As with most things this month, Square Hue’s theme is patriotism- however instead of the expected red, white and blue we got army green, royal blue and a great gold. So I give you the Salute Collection.

All of the polishes in this collection were the same formula wise. They were a little thick, but applied like a dream. Drying time was average, although where I live right now the air is so humid that it could have affected the dry time of the polish. I wore each of these polishes for 3-4 days without chipping or wear which is good for me.

July square hue polish 2First up is a great drab or army green cream polish called Valor. I love this kind of green! I needed two coats to get full opacity. I might have been able to get away with one coat but I usually do very thin coats when I do my nails.

July square hue polish1Next up is what can only be considered one of the most amazing blues I have in my collection, Patriot. I am not sure I would call this a straight up jelly polish however it did have a jelly-like quality to it. I did two coats to get the look I wanted. I wore this one for about a week because this I loved it so much. I find it funny that blue is not one of my favorite color with most things but blue polishes are my favorite to wear.

July square hue polish 3


Last but not least is Honor, a beautiful gold metallic. I did need three coats to get full opacity. I was surprised that I like this polish. I am not a big metallic polish person but this was just right. It was shiny and gold and really beautiful. It wasn’t as yellow as some of the gold polishes I have so it was a nice change. I only wore this for a little while because I just can’t handle that much metallic for long periods of time.  I did use this to stamp over the blue polish and I got so many compliments on my nails that day.

I just loved this collection. I also just love this company. The polishes are rich and application is great. The colors are always fresh and on trend. But the best thing for me is the fact that Square Hue gives back. A portion of the monthly sales goes to The A21 Campaign, a charity that works to stop human trafficking.

Square Hue is only available by subscription HERE. For $21 a month you get three awesome polishes a month and you can cancel at anytime. This is a must have subscription if you love polish.


New Money

Afternoon everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I have made a post. I have been super busy with life and I have not had time to sit and post. Hopefully I will be able to post at least once a week from now on. I hope you all stick with me.

Anyway, today I have Lo’real’s New Money which is part of their Trend Setter line.

New Money Loreal

New Money is a light grass green cream polish. It is a awesome color for spring. It is nice and bright but it is not a neon so for those that don’t feel comfortable wearing neon this is a great way to wear some of the summer trends without going all the way. Formula wise this was nice. It was a little thick but not so much that you couldn’t apply it evenly. This polish has a wide brush and I have a love hate relationship with these kind of brushes. I have fairly small hands and my nails on my pinkie are pretty narrow. This usually isn’t a problem unless a polish has a wide brush and then it is usually too wide for my pinkies, however for my other nails I don’t have an issue with it.

For this mani I used 2 coats to get full opacity and the dry time was a little long. I blame that more on the heat and humidity around here lately. We won’t even go into the frizz ball that is my hear and no amount of hair product and straightening seems to help. Anyway I digress, drying did take a little longer then I was expecting it to take but I am not sure that was the polish’s fault. I wore this for 3-4 days and did not have much more then some minor tip wear.

Over all I really like this polish, I will certainly wear this again. Lo’real can be purchased at most drugstores. I can’t remember how much I paid for it.

Hey everyone! I hope things have been going well for everyone. I have been so productive this weekend. I got all my school work done early and got a chance to sit down with my sewing machine and started working on a Viking apron dress for a viking themed historical event this coming weekend. I usually make all my costumes by hand but I have been so short on time I used my machine.

In nail related news, the husband and I are still discussing the need of a new Helmer. He believes that I should purge some of my polishes so I never need more then one and I of course disagreed with him. I did however go through my polishes and purged 24 polishes. Several were polishes I would never wear or are old enough then needed to go. about half of them were Julep polishes that I don’t like for one reason or the other. I am going to try to find a new home for them. I also had time to try two of the Zoya Pixie Dust collection and that is what I have for you tonight. For those that don’t know, the Pixie Dust collection is Zoya’s answer to the textured nail polish. There is a sand like glitter in a colored base. The polish dries matte and the glitter forms a texture on the top. It makes for a super sparkly polish.

Before I get to the two polishes I want to share some thoughts I had on both polishes so I don’t repeat myself. First both polishes I needed 3 coat, Zoya recommends two but I found that I got the coverage I wanted in 3. The brush was a little bit fluffy for a lack of a better term. So what do I mean by this? I noticed that the bristles on the brush did not seem to lay together like they do on other Zoya polishes. The seem to stick out but not to the point that you can’t use it. My best guess is that the textured glitter in the polishes get up in the brush that makes the bristles separate. The only reason this was even an issues is because I have small nail and at times the brush got too big for me.  Also as instructed by Zoya you will get better coverage if you wait until each coat is dry before applying the next coat. If you don’t wait you risk the new coat pulling off the first coat.

So here we go! First up is Nyx, a dusty blue grey base with amazing silver textured glitter.



When I first wore this I was just mesmerized by the sparkle and could not stop staring at my nails. This picture does not quite catch the amount of sparkle this polish. The blue dries to a nice light blue grey and the silver just pops out all over the place. My husband actually loves this one. I also loved this one so much that I didn’t even think I needed to try any other polishes on.

Next up is Chyna, a cheery red with red textured glitter.



Wow Wow Wow is all I could say. It looked like I was wearing ruby slippers on my finger tips. Another keeper as far as I am concerned. I don’t usually go for reds but this is one of the polishes that just empower you .

Final thoughts, when I first heard about the texture polishes coming out I really was no that thrilled. It looked like it would dry like sand paper and that would drive me crazy. I was surprised when the texture was subtle and not get caught in my hair of clothes. I was wondered what would be so special about a glitter polish just because it was textured. Now that I have tried some I have this to say. I love the texture on my nails, it is something new and is not scratchy or rough at all. For my second concern I was so wrong. The texture give the glitter more angles to catch light and therefore even more sparkly then you think.

I can’t wait to share some other colors with you because they all seem great and if the are like these two I might no ever wear a different polish again.

Also if anyone is interested in he polishes I am getting rid of let me know and I will post a list of what I have.

A Polish with a Cause

Happy Monday everyone! I am happy that I have had 5 minutes to come up for air. School is kicking my butt this semester. Really is all my fault because I doubled up on classes so I can finish my degree earlier. I am even more excited that I have this post to share with you. Before we get to it I want to apologize for the condition of my nails. I have been baking a lot over the last couple of weeks and my hands are paying for it.

Recently I canceled my Julep Maven subscription. I found that I was not happy with the formula and the colors were meh. I waffled back and forth for a while because I really loved the monthly nail polish subscription but I wasn’t thrilled with the product. Enter SquareHue.

SquareHue is a company that offers a new monthly nail polish service. For $21 a month you get three full size bottles of nail polish, which were designed just for that month. Each collection is only available for that month and when they run out its gone.

This month’s collection is called the Vintage Valentine Collection and this is what was in the box.

Open Box

Opening the box was such a joy. The polishes were nicely packed in their little cubbies. Along with the three beautiful polishes was a card announcing the collection name and the month and year, but it also included a little hand written note by one of the owners of the company. What an awesome personal touch that made me feel valued as a customer.

Vintage Love

These are the three polishes that came in my box and are part of the Vintage Valentine Collection. From left to right are High School Crush, Wartime Romance and Dear John. The colors are so pretty! Also I love the bottle and my favorite thing about them are on the bottoms.

Bottle shot


Each bottle has the name of the polish and the month and year of the collection that the polished belonged to. It seems like a small thing but all these touches add up to well thought out packaging.

So on to the colors!

High School Crush


First up is High School Crush a peachy pink creme polish. I have to say that this was my surprise favorite of the bunch. I don’t usually go for the really pale colors especially when they are really light pinks. This on the other is a pale pink with just a touch of peach. It has a warmth to it that I don’t usually see in these colors. I now have a desire to go out to tea with this polish on. The application was smooth, it just glided right onto my nail without a problem. I did need to use 4 coats of this in order to get the coverage I like. But the coats were thin. I am sure that you could do it in 3 but 2 would be hard. Cleaning up around the nail was breezy, no skin staining or anything. Dry time was also decent. I blame that on the number of coats I has to put on. I would wear this again.

Wartime Romance


Wartime Romance is a beautiful dusty rose creme. I think that this color can sometimes read as old or called granny. I did’t get that from this color at all. Maybe because I have been watching too much Downtown Abby but this color reminds me of the Regency Era and all the beauty it represented. This polish was just as easy to work with, two quick coats and I had full opacity.  I found no staining issues during clean up. The dry time was quicker then High School Crush but I think that is because of the number of coats I needed for that one.

Dear John


Last but not least is Dear John, a deep vampy red/black color. I have several polishes this color and I am not sure if the formula is better of I am just excited to swatch these, but this is one of the best deep reds I have worked with. I needed two coats for this polish and like the last one, it went on smooth and with out incident. Clean up was even more amazing! Polish this dark usually leave staining on my skin and it take a lot of elbow grease to get it off. Not this one! clean up was a breeze. Dry time was on par with Wartime Romance.

Before I give my final opinion of this collection I had one more thing to share about the company. SquareHue is much more then a nail polish company. They are a company who came together to make a difference in people’s lives. A portion of every month’s subscription fee is donated to organizations that help change lives. Their current focus is an organization called The A21 Campaign, a groups who helps rescue and rehabilitates people who have been forced into slavery through human trafficking. if you would like to know more about it check it outHERE.

A company who provides great products as well as open their hearts to help those in need it a winner in my book. I can’t think of a better company to get my polish from. Thank you SquareHue.


Hey lovely ladies. So sorry there hasn’t been a post for a while. School work has been a little crazy. Also I have broke all my nails again and no one wants to see my nubbins.

I did want to take the time to show you a fun polish from one of my favorite indie designer. It is Different Dimension Bazinga! I was so excited to try this Big Bang Theory inspired polish.

I honestly can’t remember what I used as a base coat for this because I swatched it a while ago.



This polish has micro red and yellow glitter as well as some red and yellow hex glitter. The formula was great. This was one coat of Bazinga over my base coat. The polish is filled with glittery goodness but the polish was not thick or clumpy because if it. I have really liked every polish that I have of this brand.

You should check out her shop:http://www.etsy.com/shop/DIFFERENTdimension

Bend Over Backwards

Hey gang! I am glad to get a chance to actually post after all the crazy schoolwork and the awesome weekend I had for my birthday. We ended up renting a house with about 20 of our friends for the weekend. The house was AMAZING! 8000 sq ft inside with another 3600 of outside space. 10 bedrooms, 2 fireplaces, 2 kitchens, a bar, a pool table and an elevator. I can truly say I did not want to come home.

We drove to the house with a couple of friends of our and this is the conversation we had in the car.

Me: I saw a collection of polishes online that I really loved the names but I was only meh about the colors.

Peter: Did you buy them?

Me: No but I really thought about it.

Friend: I think it’s time for an intervention.

I actually had to laugh at that because she totally uses my polishes to do her nails.

So tonight I have Bend Over Backwards from China Glaze’s Cirque du Soliel collection. This is a really beautiful orange leaning red shimmer polish.

Bend Over Backwards


I have to say that I love the color but it really isn’t anything new to my collection or new in general. The application was not the best. I had to re-do my nails several times because I got a lot of bubbling. As far as formula, I only needed 2 coats to get full opacity.

Overall I found this to be an ok. It wasn’t anything special.

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